We get it done! Our motto and what we stand for. The best description of our international road transportation company? A professional, customer oriented partner for our customers. A flexible carrier, not limited by the capacity of an owned fleet but, due to our international partner network, always able to find the right solution to your transport needs. A director, a transport controller aiming at care free logistics for our customers. A partner that takes care of things. We get it done.

Why should INL Cargo be the carrier of your choice?

INL Cargo is a young, dynamic organization with experience in cargo.  How do we distinguish ourselves?  What makes us special?

Whether you place your order months in advance or on the day of departure: we get it done.  Last minute requests and changes do not scare us and, together with our customer, we will find a solution.

INL Cargo is not limited to the capacity of an owned fleet but can depend on nearly unlimited possibilities of our network. For our customers this means that we can scale up when necessary to get your shipment to its destination on time.

Integrity and reliability are core values for INL Cargo and its staff. We do not only strive for the most reliable delivery of your cargo but also an honest and reliable partner in general.

24/7 Live customer care
Punctual and accurate delivery of your cargo is the foundation of our services.  Comprehensive customer service finishes the job.  At INL Cargo we find it important to follow your shipment constantly, to advise you as soon as irregularities occur and to complete the transport in all of its aspects.