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We have built a flexible international network. We are not limited in resources, but can always supply our customers with the desired distribution capacity. We offer our services in Europe, but the world is our playing field.

We are the director of your transport. We arrange the entire transport from door to door, from warehouse to shop and from port location to factory. Our extensive network consists of reliable partners. The means of transport are tailored to your needs with creativity and passion. Are you looking for a sail trailer, a box or a mega trailer? The right solution is arranged by INL Cargo!

INL Cargo has extensive experience with the (road) transport of dangerous goods. Our professional and certified drivers are familiar with the ADR safety requirements for your specific delivery and bring the transport safely to its destination. We work in accordance with ADR regulations.

The temperature conditions are essential for the transport of the goods. INL Cargo offers plenty of transport options in trucks with adjustable temperature conditions. This way you can be confident that the transport will arrive at the right destination in the right condition.

At INL Cargo we believe that professional transport is more than just transporting goods from location A to B. We offer our customers a tailor-made solution. We are happy to think along with you for both setting up transport management and optimising the supply chain. Further optimising these components is our profession… we get it done.

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In the INL Cargo Control Tower we offer you a 24/7 transport system, with which we unburden you. We thus create the space to focus on your own expertise and services.

The control tower offers the following services:
1. A fully digitised 24/7 transport planning environment.
2. Performance management of the carriers involved in the transport (are the KPIs achieved).
3. Dynamic contract management for European Road Transport.

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