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We get it done.


We get it done!

That is our slogan and that is what  we stand for. The best description for our international transport company? We strive to be and remain a professional and customer-oriented partner for our clients.

We are the director of your transport. We arrange the entire transport from door to door, from warehouse to shop and from port location to factory. Our extensive network consists of reliable partners. The means of transport are tailored to your needs with creativity and passion. Are you looking for a sail trailer, a box or a mega trailer? The right solution is arranged by INL Cargo!

We want to be your transport director, who solves your logistics and distribution challenges for you. Our services are built according to the one-stop shopping principle, we will arrange it for you.

INL Cargo has been active in the logistics market as an independent company since January 1, 2016 and we have expanded our services from that moment on. We started with 3 employees in 2015, but we have now expanded the organisation to 20 employees.

Our focus was initially on Iberia, but our services have now expanded to several destinations in Europe, such as Spain, Portugal, Italy, Switzerland, France and Germany.

Where previously the focus was on transport to Iberia, we have expanded our services to multiple areas and the nature of our services has been further professionalised.

Under the leadership of Alexander Keur (Managing Director) we have experienced exponential growth.

Our goal is to facilitate and unburden our customers. We want to contribute to the success of our customers and we see that customers enjoy working with us. A win-win situation in which the customer and we can achieve our business objectives.

If we look to the future and follow our ambition, we want to make a difference for our customers in this market! We are proud of our customer formula and are loyal and reliable.

We are happy to take an extra step for our customer and the customer of the customer. Together we professionalise the logistics and distribution model.

Our slogan guides our actions and is rooted in our company DNA…….We get it done!


What is our methodology?


We make an inventory of the wishes and requirements of our customer.


We determine the means of transport based on the goods to be transported.


We optimise the route based on the destination.


The transport is discussed together with the customer


During the transport, the customer gains full insight into the progress of the work.


In short, we completely direct the transport and unburden you.
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