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INL Express is our unique express transport, whereby we arrange that your national and international freight up to 10 pallets is transported with the greatest care.

The sprinters of INL Express deliver your products to all corners of Europe. From Greece to Scandinavia and from Eastern Europe to Ireland. Transport is possible with soft side sprinters or with hard side for high-value goods, with or without tailgate and with or without cooling engine.

We guarantee an on-time performance of 98% and are in constant contact with you. Optimal communication is one of our spearheads. With our specially developed app it is possible that you can track the goods in real time via our system dashboard. We stand for quality and we deliver it.

We are fast, flexible and reliable, we can switch quickly and we always think along with you about the best and fastest transport. Do you have a delivery for a trade show, are you missing a part from a car or boat or do you need medical equipment for a hospital?

We are immediately ready for you and we will manage the transport process, so that you don't have to worry about anymore. INL Cargo arranges and monitors the transport!

Do you know that INL Express is often cheaper than regular groupage for transports of 2 to 6 pallets (up to 1000 kg) within a radius of 500 kilometers? That's because the sprinters deliver your goods directly, without using multiple hubs. This means that INL Express can be faster and that the risk of damage is much smaller.

Feel free to call us about the possibilities of INL Express. We can look together for a suitable solution.

Why our customers choose INL EXPRESS

We keep to our agreements, are fast and reliable. We can achieve this by deploying our international network with which we can guarantee capacity and availability at the desired time. As a result, we may not always be the cheapest, but we are a reliable service provider, your distribution partner. We unburden you by offering continuity, quality and service.
24/7 live customer care
We are available 24 hours and seven days a week, we provide support at any time. We can immediately anticipate unexpected situations on the road and deliver maximum quality to our clients.
INL Cargo transport options
We offer several transport options with which we can always transport your cargo in the right way to the right location under the right conditions and regulations. See our transport options (link to).
We are always able to guarantee distribution capacity through our international network. We will guarantee the ADR regulations and the temperature conditions. We direct the transport in accordance with your wishes and requirements. We are not afraid of last minute changes or unexpected requests, but we always look for a suitable solution together with you.
Real-time information
We offer our customers the opportunity to gain insight into the course of transport through our innovative applications (display functions). You are always fully in scope with the course of the transport.
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Air freight is the unaccompanied transport of goods between two airports. INL Cargo uses an air waybill with a unique traceable number for each transport. The air waybill also lists the contact details of the airline at the destination.
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Refrigerated cars

In our network we can transport your transport based on optimal conditions from location A to location B. We determine the optimal transport need based on the regulations and regulations. We provide the right refrigerated truck so that your goods are delivered to location on the basis of the right conditions. We are familiar with the temperature requirements per transport and guarantee our customers that the transport will meet these requirements. We can provide insight into the temperature during transport.
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Box trailers

A box trailer is one of the most common trailers in road transport. This type of trailer is typically used for transporting high-value cargo or hanging clothing.
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A tautliner is a trademark for a type of trailer fitted with a side tarpaulin. Due to the movable side sails and the sliding tarpaulin, a tautliner allows easy and comfortable loading and unloading, both at the rear and at the side.
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A mega trailer, also called a jumbo trailer, in most cases has movable curtains. The mega trailers have a height of 3 meters and a folding top cover, making the trailer suitable for your large volumes and loads above a certain height.
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