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What are Medical goods

In this sector, high demands are made on transport, the shelf life of the products and thus the safety of the end consumer must be guaranteed. The transport must meet the legal requirements and regulations. These requirements and regulations may vary per product and/or product group.


The medical products must be transported with care and attention.


The transport of these products places specific demands on the means of transport. The coordination of these requirements between the customer and the carrier is an important part of the transport.


With its international network, INL Cargo has access to the entire European market. We can optimally serve our customers based on our expertise within this market segment. We can fulfill the specific requirements and regulations that are set for transport with specific means of transport. The means of transport and the drivers meet these requirements and have the correct and desired certification.

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We take care of daily international road transport to several European destinations. We are not just a common carrier, we make the difference, INL cargo stands for flexibility, capacity, reliability and customer care.
We feel responsible for the cargo we transport on behalf of our customers. Integrity is the foundation of our way of working, we want to contribute to the success of our customers. With a diverse team of employees we will find a creative solutions for your need.
We will not be limited by our fleet but will find a solution that fits your needs.

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